Geeky Style: PC Gamer and Proud

Contrary to popular belief, there's more to "geeky style" than wearing thick rimmed glasses with tape in the middle! We geeks "geek out" to anything and everything that we are passionate about. One of those things, for me, is my love for video games. For the past few years, my preferred method of playing has been on my PC that my boyfriend and I built. This shirt proudly displays the gamer home keys (typical for first person shooters). By pairing it with a skirt and patent loafers rather than jeans I can take my geeky style on a dinner date.

Shirt by Espada Limited


  1. I love the tshirt and really think I should get one with me being an fps girl and all....Cute outfit too :)Xo

  2. Ps. I'm a Pc gamer and proud too ;)

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