San Diego Comic-Con Recap – Wearing Your Geeky Heart On Your Sleeve

Choosing your wardrobe for San Diego Comic-Con can be a difficult challenge.
Will it be cold in your panel?

Will you be in a Ballroom 20 line that loops outside in the beating sun?

Will your crinoline still stay fluffy in your suitcase for your TARDIS ball gown?

While some might choose a full Loki outfit and cosplay every day, others will choose the SDCC uniform of comfortable shoes and a nerd in-joke shirt. However, this year, my attention was drawn to the people who decided to walk a different path, combining their love of fashion and their love of geek-culture into fashionable and unique outfits.

The greatest star of Comic-Con is the ubiquitous yellow swag bag that each attendee is gifted upon arrival. While post-SDCC, these bags can be donated or held onto as a momento, some people choose to use them as inspiration for outfits. We saw full tailored suits, gowns, and corsets. These girls used them to create skirts that look perfect for a day walking around the exhibition floor.

The Doctor Who fandom is one of my favorite with their reinterpretation of character costumes. This girl stood out to me because while the dress is Dalek in inspiration, it is still chic in fit and comfortable for a day around the Con.

For crafty attendees, sites like Spoonflower and books like “World of Geekcraft” have opened up new interest and resources for comic-book, sci-fi, and fantasy topic and materials. This girl’s dress was made from vintage Batman covers and stood out instantly amongst the crowd.  If you’re now in the market for your own Batman fabric, see some great examples here and here.

However, while there may be new fabrics out there to investigate, sometimes the sheets that we slept on all through our childhood prove inspiration enough. Both of these dresses were made from vintage bed sheets and had silhouettes that were flattering and adorable

While kawaii inspired fashion is still very popular at SDCC,  this girl stood out to me due to how comfortable the dress looked and her bright smile while wearing it. Gothic-Lolita and Japanese inspired styles may often involve layered petticoats and heavy fabrics, but by making the dress with short sleeves and combining it with lighter make-up, she still looks perfect for the summer event.

While my main fashion tips for Comic-Con involve great walking shoes and hemming your maxi dress to prevent from being stepped on (speaking from personal experience), the main thing to remember is to be comfortable. Whether you are more comfortable in a full Iron Man suit or a sundress, you want to spend most of your time out and about, not resting your feet or hiding in your hotel room.

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