Mass Mentions: What are your most pinned categories on Pinterest

This week we asked, "Use Pinterest? What categories do you find yourself pinning the most? Let us know and you could be featured on our blog! #massmentions."
@Mopalicious1: TOTALLY addicted Pinterest. It's the 1 of the only apps I use on my Iphone. Mostly DIY& Crafts and Women's Fashion!
@emilymayhem: I pin mostly scrapbook pages, cards, recipes (usually desserts), and hDIY home decor ideas.
@heyporkchop: houses & food for sure!
(cont) and!!!! A virtual wish list! I have a GIANT board called treats I want! Haha!!!
@Princess_Corner: my favorite is typography or quotes, DIY and food :D
@danielle_jeanne: kids (decor, projects, snacks, clothes, etc)
(cont) I think it totally depends on where the person is in their lives. I pinned a lot of wedding stuff around my wedding. Now, it's all
(cont) baby/toddler things. I pinned a lot of home inspiration right before we bought our house (still pinning that). I've been pinning
(cont) quick and easy recipes for my maternity leave, too. :)
@rinnshop: I pin most to Interiors, For The Home & Clothing.
@punkprojects: I pin to DIY & CRAFTS a lot. :)
@librarian_grrrl: crafty diys, hairdos, bling (jewelry), & and wedding related things (hah!). #massmentions
@mandyannecurtis: I pin a whole lot of nerdy T-shirts, food ideas (that I never end up making) and clothes/shoes/accessories that I wish I had!
@FlourishCafe: I find myself most often pinning how-to blog posts and clothing photos for style inspiration - usually vintage clothes :)
@JenniferMabe: doctor who and for the garden :)
@DaisyatHome: Food and Shoes!
@jerseymaids: food/recipes and DIY projects!
@robinrasmussen: lots and lots of STYLE (the clothes I wish I had) and easy tasty healthy recipes to feed my family with!
@kaitbirdsays: I love posting random beautiful things. or ideas for my future wedding. #imasap
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  1. I was going to say that I don't use it as I deleted all my pins after the issues with their terms and I've never felt comfortable going back as I felt that the changes only covered half of the issues that I had with it, but I did actually keep my account for two reasons. First to be able to check if my photos were being pinned (they have been and I 'like' them on there as a reference, it seems odd to repin my own photos even if I am the only person who according to their terms can lol) and second for browsing, Pinterest is great for DIY, I'm currently looking out for crochet ideas. I don't use it as a bookmark tool though, I use another site that you can keep private which I prefer. I haven't really missed using Pinterest how I used to either...