Mass Mentions: How many hours per week do you spend online?

This week we asked, "How many hours would you guess you spend online during an average week? #massmentions."
@ashleyTIA: I wouldn't even know how to begin calculating that! That's crazy & kind of scary.
@FireworkDeLune: up until a few months ago, prob 70+ no joke. Now maybe between 40-50?? -_-
@srslyliz: Ditto.I'd say 40-50. Holy smokes.
@cdeagle: ...like, all of them? NOT counting my iPhone, uh...60? Ish?
@ourcitylights: is forever a time limit?
@Princess_Corner: mmm maybe 50-70 hours :P I know is crazy!!! But I am full time blogger.
@pamplemousse83: if you count my phone/iPad probably 17 hours? If you're talking computer only then maybe 2?
@MacgirlsAdv: I work in virtual learning so probably about 12 hours a day so about 75 a week. Holy smokes that's a lot! #massmentions
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