Mass Mentions: Do you censor your online persona?

This week we asked, "Do you censor your online persona? Are there things you shy away from sharing with your social networks? Let us know! #massmentions"
@CampfireChic: yes! I have two accounts, my private one is for cussing, being passive-aggressive, & chatting w/IRL friends. Public=more polished
@emilymayhem: Not on purpose, but I know that my blog/Twitter/Instagram are mostly seen by my online friends, while...
(cont) my Facebook/Tumblr are mostly seen by my IRL friends. So I guess I "censor" to a point, depending on where I post things.
@FireworkDeLune: I try not to curse (that goes for irl too). I try not to be quite as goofy/kid-like as I really am.. also, politics.
@ourcitylights: yes, fb is for personal use, twitter for daily updates, and instagram for pretty photos.
@runningboard: twitter where I'm closer to friends I think ive learned to censor my cursing, but I become a sailor on youtube/reddit, no idea why
@divinetechygirl: Yea of course at least a tad. I mean you do have to leave something's to the imagination.
(cont) especially considering the popularity of potential employers checking out your online persona. #massmentions
@bethfury: I don't maintain separate accounts bc I want my digital footprint to be mostly funny but always audience friendly
(cont) mostly nothing is really private on the Internet, so why bother hiding? BUT there are somethings that I don't publicize
@MacgirlsAdv: yes, one Twitter account for work and professional stuff (I work in computing education) and other for more personal blog etc
@tumbleweedsshop: no politics!!!!
@clareyt: Yes. I complain a lot less now that I work for TechStars. Huge effort to keep personal tweets productive and rarely whiny.
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