JAVOedge Kindle Fire case review

 The problem with being an Android vs Apple user is a serious lack in stylish covers for phones and tablets. While iPhone and iPad users enjoy a myriad of adorable options, with the vast variety of hardware available that also happens to be standardized, 3rd party companies do not offer quite as many peripherals to us. When JAVOedge contacted Gadchick to see if we wanted to review a product, I jumped at the chance to pick up a new case for my Kindle Fire.

I chose the JAVOedge Umi Book Case to try out because I was drawn to the style and liked the Japanese inspired print. When it arrived, I was immediately impressed by its construction and initial durability for for its price range. I am a daily Fire reader and once I slipped the tablet in I felt comfortable using it in my hands. I bent back its front jacket completely and the fabric allowed me to do so with ease.. something that I think other cases have struggled with in the past.

I take my Kindle Fire to work with me daily, so the included wallet-like features have proven useful to my daily needs: (work ID, credit cards, Starbucks Card--various plastics that fit securely). Rather than toting my whole bag to lunch, I just slip in some cash and my card and I am good to go. I did not find the attached pen holder very useful, as it would not shut properly when I tried it with my pen. Perhaps it would work with a tiny stylus?

I attempted to use the case as a stand as illustrated in the product page, but at times it would slide and fall. Using the stand as it is intended does raise questions about it's design, as what keeps it "locked" is the bottom of the Kindle  resting on the card pockets. It is an intuitive set up, but it doesn't look that sturdy, (I did, however find that it would work by putting the wallet part face down. I rarely am in need of a stand, but if I decide to watch a movie or play a game on my Fire, I'm sure that I would find this useful.

Hands down, my favorite feature is the magnetic closure. It keeps the case closed tightly to the device without the hassle of having to tuck in a strap as I have had to with other cases in the past. For just under $30, this case is a worthy buy and I'm gladly putting my $75 case aside for the functionality of the Umi Book Case. Despite a few minor gripes, I am happy with it.

JAVOedge sells cases and accessories for other handheld devices as well (as one would guess, a great cornucopia  of iPhone/iPad accessories too!).

JAVOedge provided our editor with a complimentary product of her choosing, but the opinions expressed above are hers alone.

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