JAVOedge iPad case review

One of my biggest pet peeves in gadgets are people investing in a great product but then purchasing a terrible cover for it. Especially with an iPad! Any pricey gadget deserves a quality case, and JAVOedge does not disappoint.

My iPad not only has daily use for me, but I carry it with me everywhere. I need it to be functional as I want it stylish and this is what JAVOedge offers.

One of the things to look for in a great iPad case is the convenience of the Sleep/Wake function and this case offers this. It's also patent leather, which means it's easy to clean and with the textured style, if you use it often you won't see it beat us as quickly like most cases.

The fabric lining is soft (and cute!) and I actually thought this pocket was for business cards, but after checking out the website, it's for a more secure and comfortable option for the iPad, even better!

There's also a complimentary wristlet and you have the option of putting it on either side of your case.

There's also deep grooves for when you fold your iPad. I had to actually wait a bit for this review because I noticed on some poorly-made cases, the grooves show on the iPad screen from the pressure. After using it for a few days, banging it up and using pressure (stuffed in bags, etc), the screen is actually spotless, which I loved.

You have options on where you want to add to the grooves. It's secure, leaves for enough room if i want to add a blue-tooth based keyboard or just notes, coffee, my phone, etc.

The details are what make a great case besides the durability and style. It has easy access to volume, turn lock, power button and of course the camera.

The pen was a plus, too. Not only was it an actual pen, but it also had the touch screen capabilities to write on the tablet.

Overall I give this JAVOedge iPad case an A+. It also doesn't hurt that it looks like a stylish clutch when closed ;)

You can purchase the case HERE and the stylus pen HERE.

JAVOedge provided our editor with a complimentary product of her choosing, but the opinions expressed above are hers alone.

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  1. I like the design, but the close-up pics make it hard to see what the whole case looks like. I can see the pockets and other stuff, but its REALLY hard to tell where the stuff actually is.