Gadgetry in The Dark Knight Rises

I’ll admit—I’m not a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan-era Batman gadgets. They’re a little too realistic (i.e. military-grade) for my preferences, which often err more on the side of the fantastical. Of course, Nolan’s Batman movies are much more realistic than any of Tim Burton’s, Batman Forever or Batman and Robin, so it makes sense. I’ve just always liked how ridiculous the Batmobile can look, especially the George Clooney-driven version with the wings and the rocket booster:

Looking at Christian Bale’s Batmobile, which is referred to as the Tumbler (which I just spelled Tumblr; I obviously need to find more offline hobbies.) in the Dark Knight trilogy, one can see how this universe’s Wayne Enterprises has ties to the military.

It’s very tank-like, with not a lot of windows, a muted color scheme and a whole lot of artillery. In addition, in The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), many of the Tumblers we see are painted in camouflage.

Other vehicles in TDKR include the Batpod, which is used in the movie mainly by Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle.

This vehicle is probably my favorite. It’s crazy maneuverable and super quick. The way the back wheel can turn the “bike” in any direction makes it perfect for a Bat (or a Cat) on the run.

New to the movie ‘verse in this, the last movie of the trilogy, was the Bat—definitely not the most inspired name, but I suppose Lucius Fox had other things on his mind.

Part helicopter, part hovercraft, part jet, part tank (again with the military theme), the Bat is most definitely “not a car.”

I’m trying to avoid major spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the movie, so I’ll just say, out of all of the gadgets in TDKR, The Bat certainly comes through best in the clutch.

The non-vehicles in TDKR play lesser roles, but they are no less impressive. The Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) rifle Batman (may I call you Bruce, Mr. Wayne?) uses to shut down—LITTLE SPOILER ALERT—Bane’s crew as they’re running from the Stock Exchange comes in real handy. It’s not exactly realistic—yet—but one of the coolest (and most frightening) things about the Dark Knight bat gadgets is that they could be in the not so distant future. (To be clear, EMP pulses are quite real; however, the power has not yet been harnessed in handheld form.) Bruce also used a similar, even smaller device in one scene to mess with some paparazzi’s cameras.

I’d also consider many of the the costumes in TDKR gadgets in their own right. Selina Kyle’s outfit, particularly her headset and spiked boots, comes in handy when she’s both fighting and thieving. Batman’s utility belt is an absolute classic, with built-in grappling hook, Batarangs, etc., and his cape, with that crazy snap-taught fabric, is Wayne Enterprises technology at its best.

Even Bane’s mask is gadgetry—it’s a (ridiculous) voice modulator!


(Sort of.)

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  1. The Catwoman is love! haha :) Can't decide yet if the Bat is my favorite, or the Batpod.