GadChick's Guide to Making An iPhone App

Do you have a killer idea for an iPhone app? Who doesn’t! With $99 and a bit of programming skills, you can have that app for sale in no time at all. Wait, wait, wait—programming what now? Insert sad face here. That’s right, this book is going to tell you the dirty secret that most iPhone guidebooks don’t: it’s hard!

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it; chances are, after reading this book you might feel a little discouraged. That’s because we aren’t going to try you a quick get rich scheme where in 1 hour you’ll be able to develop your way to millions. We are going to show you exactly what programming is, the time it entails and what it takes to make a killer app.

The point of this book isn’t to help you design the next Angry Birds; the point is to help you decide if you have the programming know-how to make it happen. Don’t worry…if you don’t, we’ll also show you cheap alternatives and places you can go to find people to develop for you (and it’s cheaper than you think).

Gadchick's Guide to Making an iPhone App is available on Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo.

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  1. As a software developer I really appreciate books like this that don't sugarcoat it and make people realise that you you can't do it in one day, or one week, or probably one month. A development lifecycle is so much longer and has so many steps that people don't realise, never mind the accessibility :S