Apple vs. Microsoft: The Innovation, The Power, The Epic Nerd Catfight!

Ok, so it's a long battle of the tech's (ha!), but at Gadchick we love the history of our favorite computers, they couldn't be where they are now without the other.

You can't make billions of dollars without crushing a few people along the way. The origin stories of Apple and Microsoft read at times like a Spanish telenovela--revenge and greed are key plots.For twenty plus years it was a battle between two geniuses--Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. For them, it wasn't about money--it was about innovation and changing the future as we know it.

With wit and insight, the chicks at GadChick, give you a history of one of nerds most epic war.

You can purchase the book on many formats and as requested, we're even taking our e-books to paper!

Paperback, Kindle, Google, Nook, iBooks, and Smashwords.

Gadchick is a free publication and we plan to keep it that way. Our funding comes from e-books, ads, and editor's pockets and time. We appreciate your support!

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