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Here are some links for Tech Support!

Some links may be a week old but in tech and gadget news, they are outdated. If you're not caught up or following every major tech blog, Tech Support is a great way to catch up.

>> Ouya is a video game console wanting to compete with Xbox, Wii, Playstation, etc. It may not seem like much of competition but Ouya is claiming to be compatible with every expensive console, but under $100. You can check out the story here.

>> Do you know what the first photograph ever was? Read some Internet history here.

>> Star Wars family decals. Perfect for the geek-inspired family! Via Think Geek, of course!

>> Are you a photographer with an iPad? The claim from USA Today's Tech writer claimes Google+ is the best alternative to combining both formats. Read it here.

>> A new Samsung camera not only flips for selfies as a cool feature, but it also uploads directly to Facebook. Read it here.

>> A new review from one of our writers, Kam, on the new app, Comixology.

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