My Favorite Women in Video Games: The Amazon

Games she appeared in: Diablo 2

Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point:  In Diablo 2, you play as the Amazon. You can do as much rescuing or pillaging as you would like.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Hang out with the girls, do girly things like shoot arrows and stage battles.

Female players often have to accept playing with a male character and in some situations, we’re given the option of a character that can be played as both a man and a woman. Diablo 2 is the unique game that provides character classes that are female alone and given specialities that reflect that. In fact, players are given two classes in which your player character has to be female: the Sorceress, and the topic of today’s post, the Amazon.

In game, the Amazons are a powerful group of female nomadic warriors who differ from the rest of the world in belief, motivation, and skill. They are feared and respected within the game world, and that is reflected in their unique grouping of skills the player is able to control. The Amazon is a rare character who is skilled at melee and ranged attacks, with some magical ability as well. This takes the class from being a token consolation, to a competitive character that is arguably one of the best in the game.

For women who love RPGs, the Amazon class in game gives them the rare opportunity of a PC with a back story, set of powers, and characters to interact with that are shaped around their shared gender. While this class was dropped from Diablo 3, these types of gaming decisions give many female gamers a new entry point to relate more to the player’s experience and to make them feel more welcomed. These classes also show to all gamers that might not be as willing to play a female character that the point isn’t that they are male or female, but could they win in a fight?

In that battle, my money is definitely on the Amazon.

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