Boom Sound Review (in OS)

My computer is always with me. Drinking iced coffee at Starbucks, sitting in the living room using it as a TV, in the kitchen streaming cooking shows, and blasting music for my workouts. When I think about it, the sound is as important as the hard drive. The thing is, Apple did so well in the design, processor and graphics, the speakers seem like an after thought. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about- you turn up the volume but it doesn't sound clear, but almost shadowy and fuzzy. After much frustration, I discovered Boom in the Mac App Store. I don't think I've ever had my little Air sound so powerful. No need to carry it from room to room, I can leave it in it's place and it sounds great across the hall.
I was even able to add custom commands, one of life's small pleasures


Now for the fancy promo-


You can check out more info here and download it here. Happy listening!

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