Women 3.0: Dina Kaplan

Name: Dina Kaplan

Short biography: Dina Kaplan grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Economics, Government, Philosophy and History. After graduating, she went to work at the White House as Director of Research for the White House Counsel's Office and then went on to become the Special Assistant to the Director of Presidential Personnel. Later, she worked at MTV News as a producer and an on-air news reporter in New York, New Jersey and Kentucky. In 2005, she and four other friends founded the online Web series site blip.tv.1

What they do: Currently, Kaplan is the vice president of Marketing and Public Relations at blip.tv. Blip.tv is a web warehouse of original, serialized Web shows; the service is a middle ground between the likes of Hulu and YouTube.

In late 2011, Kaplan announced that she would be resigning from the company to focus on personal projects.2

Why they matter: Kaplan is actively involved in bringing women entrepreneurs together and pushing women into the tech field. “Unfortunately only a small number of women have founded tech or digital media companies,” she says. “For the most part we know each other and have been supportive of each other and our businesses, which is wonderful. I think more can and should be done to encourage women to become developers and to start companies.”3

Kaplan also prides herself on being a role model for women who are interested in tech entrepreneurship. “I could name for you the women who are prominent founders in our field, and that's sad,” she says. “You have Caterina Fake, you have the women who founded the Gilt Groupe, you have Leah Culver who was involved in Pownce, but you can't list off dozens of women founders of Internet companies.”4

Kaplan appeared on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs list in 2010.

How they got where they are: The four male founders of blip.tv met in a group called New York City Geeks and bonded over their love of tech. In May 2005, they asked Kaplan to be the fifth founder because they needed someone who could worry less about the programming and more about the business end of things.3

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