The Facebook Photographer?

Everyone knows by now that our favorite photo sharing app, Instagram, recently achieved the dream of every tech-based startup and was acquired by social media giant, Facebook. There was a lot of speculation as to how Facebook was going to integrate Instagram’s technology into their application. Was Instagram going to go bye-bye as an app and only be available through Facebook, as a photo editing tool? Was Facebook going to start annoying Instagram users with ads popping up every time they tried to share a photo? Neither, as it turned out.
Instagram, as an iPhone and Android app, still holds true to its original functions and users are happily snapping away, ad-free. Facebook has decided to release Facebook Camera for iOS, a camera app for the iPhone with Instagram-like filters. An avid Apple girl myself, I said, “Hey, what the heck,” and downloaded Facebook Camera onto my iPhone. I’m a die-hard Instagrammer (my boyfriend will sarcastically tell you that he that just loves waiting for me to finish up taking a picture every other step when we go anywhere) so as Facebook Camera was downloading into my iPhone, I sort of shrugged it off. Nothing can compete with Instagram, right?

I approached things as I normally do. First, I took a photo using the default camera that comes installed on the iPhone.

I started with Instagram and its seventeen filters. I loaded my photo and selected my filter of choice—Valencia.

The final, edited photo:

I uploaded it to my Instagram feed for the entire world to see, and then moved on to the Facebook Camera. There are fourteen different filters that come with this app. They have names like “Coffee,” “Cream,” and “Rouge.”

For my trial, I chose the “Emerald” filter.

I discovered that the only way I could do anything with this photo would be to upload it to my Facebook feed, and I’m sure that all my friends were amazed by my unique and artistic photo of street signs (I kid).

My opinion, as a photo app geek, is that Instagram is better than Facebook Camera. Why? Well, I love how Instagram saves a high-resolution, edited version of your photo to your iPhone after you’ve uploaded it to your Instagram feed. Facebook Camera doesn’t save your photo at all. I like having access to the edited version so that I can use it for blogging or other photo-sharing purposes at a later date. Another reason that Facebook camera doesn’t appeal as much because I simply don’t want to clog up my Facebook feed (and therefore all of my friends’ feeds) with every picture that I take. That’s the whole point of Instagram.

Although fourteen filters exist within the Facebook camera, only a handful of unique effects appear to be present on the final edited photo. I do like that Facebook Camera doesn’t automatically resize your photos into squares, as Instagram does. Overall, though, Instagram has a better variety of filters, which allo very different and unique effects to be applied to each photo. I also don’t feel as guilty about posting twenty photos of my dogs to Instagram, because that’s what it’s for. I don’t think my Facebook friends would be quite as appreciative if I did that. (Not to say that my Instagram followers are appreciative, either, but hey—you guys selected to follow me!)

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