Introducing Beauty 2.0

Just because I sit at a desk all day doesn't mean I want to look like I sit at a desk all day. At Gadchick, we are going to test out the latest, more popular (and sometimes painful) beauty gadgets. Have you ever been curious of a product but wondered if it's worth the effort, price and the hours of sitting through countless YouTube video reviews? We'll do it for you!

We're going to start with the SensEpil Laser Hair Removal. According to Glamour Magazine, a woman spends  $10,000 on shaving products, and will shave 7,718 times in her lifetime. The average time it takes to shave is 10.9 minutes. Let's round that up and make some fancy math equation and that's more time you could be spending playing your favorite game, or internetting. At Gadchick, we are going to try it out for you and let you know if it's worth the $500+, along with ditching the expensive laser treatments, and losing the razor, waxing, or (if you're brave) threading procedures altogether.

We're also really excited for the Clarisonic Pro and Mia. Everyone raves about it but if you tread lightly on dropping cash on the latest trend, don't worry. We'll tell you if that's worth it, too. These are a few of the many gadgets for women in the beauty industry we'll honestly review if we think it's a gimmick or will make you a (more) geeky babe. Stay tuned! and wish us luck, we'll be reporting back in a few weeks with the results.

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  1. This is such a great idea, I can't wait for these reviews!