Classics Going Tech

As I was babysitting my toddler nieces, they were bored with Elmo and needed something a little more sophisticated but not too YA teen novel. I discovered Jennifer Adams under the featured "children's fiction" on iBooks and it was perfect for them. The books are whimsical and eye catching, but told in a new way the adults won't be bored when reading classics. The books are interactive  with sound effects so the kids could touch the screen or the books could read to kids. I really wish I could post screen shots of the books, but I'll show you the covers. There's a copyright infringement on publishing anything from the book but you can use the "look inside" feature from Amazon here. There are no screen shots from the books on iTunes, but it makes the e-book more endearing, it doesn't need any. The artists' work makes you wonder if there's a hard copy for your shelf, it's beautiful. You can check out the author page here and download the books for iOS. You can purchase the hard copies here.

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