My Favorite Women in Video Games: Princess Zelda

Games she appeared in: Zelda has been the central character in the entire Legend of Zelda series in all but two games. Her first appearance was in 1986 in The Legend of Zelda.

Is she being rescued as a key plot point: It is complicated. She can handle herself in a fight, but seems to get princess-napped a lot.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Talk about boys, Zelda seems like she might want to talk about Link. They do have a long history.

Confession time: When I was a little girl and envied my relative's gold Nintendo cartridge of Zelda, I didn't realize that Link and Zelda were different characters. I was very young when I first thought this, but continued thinking this till I was a teenager. Sometimes I still wish the series was about a female elf finding awesome musical instruments and saving the day.

Since then I have realized that while you may play through the majority of the series as Link, that the true star of the series is its namesake. In some games, she is the brave leader seeking out help to save her nation. In others, she is the reincarnation of powerful beings and goddesses, skilled in magic or in combat. As the series grows and changes, Zelda stays the motivating force for Link and the catalyst for good in the game universe.

A great place to jump into the series is “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” which combines the Wii's motion gameplay with a beautiful graphics and an interesting story. Or if you are lucky, maybe you still have your gold cartridge and your NES. If that's the case, I'm still jealous, even if you have to blow on it to get it to work.

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  1. I used to believe Link and Zelda were the same character for a long time too. I was a little disappointed to realise they were entirely different characters later on.I have Zelda A link to the past for my Super Nintendo - which I might add, still works! (Although every now and again I do have to blow on the cartridge and the cartridge reader... )The only other Zelda I have played since the 90's onwards is The Phantom Hourglass on my DS Lite. I wasn't as keen tbh - I always go straight back to my trusty ol' SNES. My best friend prefers the Gamecube version of Ocarina of Time. We have constant debates but I believe all the games in the Zelda series are probably brilliant in their own right.I think if my SNES gave up after all these years (it's 20 now - almost as old as me!) I think I would die a little inside...On a side note, Zelda is definitely a woman in video games worth mentioning!