My Favorite Women in Video Games: Commander Shepard

Games she appeared in: Mass Effect 1-3

Is she being rescued/saved as a key plot point: Shepard is pretty much the entire galaxy's savior.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Go to a spa, Shepard deserves a day off.

The Mass Effect Trilogy is the first video game series that has ever made me cry and a lot of the emotional impact behind the game lies with the main character, Commander Shepard and the relationships she creates throughout the series. A sci-fi epic, Mass Effect takes place long in our future where we've discovered the secrets to space travel and entered into a widely diverse universe of aliens, intergalactic politics, and a population that may not be ready for newcomers to their world. Commander Shepard serves as a hero and catalyst for the series, allowing the player to make decisions that are life and death for the characters in the game.

While Commander Shepard is the first character that I've chosen which can be played as either Male or Female, that doesn't stop her from being one of the best female Sci-Fi characters of all time and one of the most inspirational playable characters for girl gamers everywhere. Take a look through Tumblr, Twitter, or DeviantArt and FemShep (as she is called) is spotlighted in fanart, animated gifs, and endless posts about the hero she is.

For me, Commander Shepard is the role model that encourages me to work harder and the voice in my head that stays with me in difficult times. Even when I have a hard time pinning down the exact reason why she is special to me, I can look to the feeling of ten year-old Beth finding an “Action Girl Comic” and remembering that women can be kick-ass heroes as well.

And it doesn't hurt that all of her love interests are really, really cute.


  1. Shep is pretty much my spirit animal. I give her full credit for my video game obsession and tendency to pose like her in every photobooth picture I take.

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