Mass Mentions: What gadget would you take if you were to be secludedfor a month?

This week we asked, "If you were going to be "stranded" on an island for 30 days and could take 1 gadget w/ you (Wi-Fi included), what would it be?#massmentions."
@ourcitylights: iPhone for sure
@emilymayhem: My iPhone! That covers everything I'd need. Or my Kindle, as it may actually last 30 days on one charge.
@CampfireChic: easy! If I was stranded I would take my iPad! Plenty of time with Flipboard, Reeder, and games :) #massmentions
@Marisa_APoL: My Kindle Fire. Sounds like a lovely vacation actually...
@hello_vanny: iPad! I'd probably read as much as I could if I had that much time to myself. :)
@hazelandagnes: My Macbook, for sure. I love my iPad but idk what I'd do without photoshop and stuff.
@rebtay: iPad 3 with solar panel cover of course, to take great photos and video of the island and so I could read @Gadchick #massmentions
@powerpastries: iphone!!
@superfluousruth: It would have to be my laptop. There is no way I am leaving that thing behind.
@craftyveggirl: my iPhone, fo sho!!!!!
@fiona_microbe: ipad over iphone; just for the book-reading capabilities.
@runningboard: i'd bring my ipad, because the screen reflects the sun so well that i could flag down a plane. and use it's temp to start a fire.
@MacGeek87: gotta be the iPad, can do everything I want on it #massmentions
@kdstentzel: I'm gonna throw one out there for the Android lovers and vote for the HTC Evo - I can't live without mine!
@TheMarchOwl: it would difinitely be my iPhone. It's my camera, computer, blogging source, it does practically everything #massmentions
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