Gadchick reviews: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

I love pretty much everything that has to do with The Avengers. To be completely honest, I’m not a long-time fan of the characters, due to my only recently getting into the comics behind the movies, so I don’t know much about their backgrounds, but I really do want to learn. So when I was given the opportunity to review Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, an iOS game that was seemingly a tie-in to Captain America: The First Avenger (one of my favorite movies of 2011), I jumped at the chance.

The game centers on Cap—who, for those interested, does look a little like Chris Evans—searching for intel files on Hydra and Red Skull’s nefarious activities. It’s a side-scroller, which means a lot of running for Cap as he battles his way through Hydra agents and the variety of obstacles in his path.

Not being a consummate gamer, I was a little worried about how difficult the controls would be when I first sat down to play. I was pleased, however, with how easy they are. If you’ve ever played Temple Run, they’re similar—swipe right and left with your finger to run, up to jump, down to slide, etc. If you’re given a new trick or “combo” to learn, you’re walked through it at the beginning of the level, and the “tips” between each level serve as infographic reminders of what you’ve learned. I tended to stick with easier combos while I was playing, both because I found it somewhat difficult to remember the many different set of moves and I wasn’t quite quick enough with the swipes to get Cap to do what I wanted. Cap runs until you tell him to stop/jump/slide, so I felt a little rushed when trying to perform moves. The only real object of the game is to collect the files, though, so taking down enemies is something that could almost be avoided completely, unless you’re a perfectionist proper gamer and want to rack up points and complete the game’s achievements.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] "Massive" is a little misleading.[/caption]

As Cap collects the intel files, certain “unlockables” are, well, unlocked. These include alternate uniforms for Cap and a series of images of covers of old-school Captain America comics, which you can’t really do anything with other than look at.

As I played, I soon realized that if this game is so easy for me, it’s going to be super easy for more experienced gamers—probably too easy. I can see someone with a little better developed finger control finishing the game’s 24 levels in no time and not really feeling accomplished at the end.

Overall, the game is entertaining, but not anything spectacular. The controls are easy-ish and the graphics are pretty good. It served as a nice addition to the Avengers mania I’m currently enjoying, but I don’t know that I’d recommend downloading it unless you’re a huge Cap fan or have a long wait at the doctor’s coming up during which you’ll need to be entertained but not engrossed.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty was released for iPhone and iPad in August of 2011. You can download it for $2.99 through iTunes.

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