Favorite iPad Apps for Journaling

This blog post is for Apple. We'll have an Android tablet post soon!
I still carry my heavy journal, collection of Field Notes and moleskines, but after losing ideas I needed to commit to using one format that is always with me- digital. There's the Wacom Tablet but I don't always carry my laptop and if I did, I can't imagine carrying the tablet just for notes. I'm still not used to writing from pen to tablet, but these apps from the Apple store are a huge help to make it second nature like pen to paper.



Noteshelf is a great transition from writing with your pen and paper to a screen. It also allows more than one notebook so you can have your different journals. I have a journal of ideas for gadchick blog, gadchick magazine, my blog, a food journal, a devotional and various project journals and I don't have to search for which project is in which app.

Index Card-


Sometimes I feel silly using index cards because I'm not in college, but I'll always be a life long learner, right? The notecards I do have get lost and can be a burden more than a learning tool. This is much more helpful.

If you're stuck on sticky notes, Sticky Notes is a great app. No more wondering if any will be lost, they can be organized and formatted to your personalization.

If you want a little bit of everything, Remarks is a great app. I edit for my job, and it's hard to navigate with a mouse. When done by hand, it makes me miss the control I had with the strike of a red pen. I also don't miss the red pen leaking all over my bag.

Part of journaling doesn't stop at collecting written thoughts. There's also images, clips and all kinds of things we find online just like we find in real life. OmniFocus allows you to do all this. Whether it's a scrapbook, or a calendar event.


If you want to add the traditional scrapbook look, we recommend ScrapPad. It allows for frames, embellishments and decorative text. The reviews are great, and I love the company has seasonal and themed ScrapPads.

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  1. For note taking I like using Notes Plus for iPad. It offers a lot of features including an in-app browser for simple lookups without leaving the app, and more exporting possibilities like Google Docs and any other app on the iPad that will read PDF.