The LC-A+ in the Urban Jungle with the Lomography Gallery Store in LA!

About a week ago we had the chance to attend the "LC-A+ in the Urban Jungle" workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store LA. The gorgeous store is their largest location to date. The layout is spacious, couchy, with a clean modern yet friendly feel. A stunning photo wall mesmerizes those that walk in, and those that just walk by could briefly peak in and assume it to be a sort of hybrid music-record-toy-store-club sort of place. The workshop started upstairs with a slideshow and our friendly instructor walked us through a brief history of Lomography and the LC-A+.

I own two Lomography cameras, however this was my first time shooting with the LC-A+. Being familiar with the feeling of the plastic “toy” camera I was surprised at how substantial and constructed the LC-A+ was. It felt built. Lomography’s description of the camera is this: “First off, it's got the old-school lightning-fast zone focusing and on-point automatic exposure that we know and love. Like the original, it shares the same brilliant multicoated Minitar-1 32/2.8 glass lens, compact & robust metal body, zone focusing, auto-exposure, and flash hot shoe. On top of that, it now offers a Multiple Exposure switch, expanded film ISO setting to 1600, and a cable release thread.” Holding the device came with the weight of responsibility that a DSLR has, but also with the spirit of exploration that Lomography cameras bring. A sort of grown-up’s toy.

We took to the streets on foot after the general introduction of our loner cameras. We first walked through the charming neighborhoods surrounding the store and all started snapping away. One of my favorite tips that I picked up from our instructor was, “shoot from the hip.” A good portion of my roll was spent taking casual, incognito hip shots around the streets of Los Angeles. Warning, beginner shots ahead:

The group worked our way from residential to the vibrant urban fabric of Hollywood. Our photos' backgrounds and subjects consisted of interesting shops, architecture, and street art. Sometimes when shooting out in the wild by myself I can't help but feel too “touristy,” but my attempts at nonchalant hidden-camera shooting lead to missed opportunities. This day, however, was refreshingly liberating to be in a group of unabashedly enthusiastic photographers!

Lomography Gallery Store LA also offers in-house film processing (but lucky for Gadchick our friend Cesar was also in attendance and processed my roll afterwards). The workshop was great and actually got me excited about film photography in a way that I haven’t been in a long time. I headed home to re-evaluate my film camera catalog as well as dive into LC-A+ reviews to verify its wishlist-ibility.
Thank you Lomography for hosting us! I am already checking out your March schedule and look forward to my next workshop!

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  1. One day, I am coming over there and taking photos with you and Cesar too :) The colours in these are stunningThe LC-A+ is definitely worth getting I think, its a great little camera and the results are nearly always gorgeous, I have the refurbished LC-A but I'm probably going to get an LC-A+ at some point too lol