My Favorite Women in Video Games: GLaDOS


Games she appeared in: Portal, Portal 2

Is she being rescued as a key plot point? No, in fact, characters are being rescued from her.

For our video game BFF date, we would: Run some tests. GLADoS loves to run tests.

Continuing our tour of amazing female video game characters is a homicidal computer.

Yes, just go with me here, GLaDOS is one of the best female video game characters and she isn't nice
to you (except while under duress) for two games. She ridicules you, purposely tries to make you fail,
and you start finding yourself finishing the puzzle to both hear her latest comeback and to stick it to her
that you can succeed.

But what started as a funny plot point and tool to connect the different puzzles you solve as you
complete Portal changed in Portal 2 as she became both dependent on you to carry her through the
game and as her background story grew with the mythology of the game.

GLaDOS takes what would be a fun game to play with a partner and elevates it with the personality of
the woman who was the true mastermind behind Aperture Science.

She also promises cake, and maybe the cake isn't really a lie.

But it probably is.


  1. I love Glados and I love you more for including her in this list. The songs are my favourite!

  2. I think listening to "Still Alive" combined with the combustible lemons speech is pretty much the best cure for a bad day ever.I'm glad you enjoyed! If I ever go evil, I'm pretty sure GLaDOS will be my role model.