Mass Mentions: What was your first MP3 file?

With all of the talk about Coachella just around the corner, we thought we'd ask our followers, "Do you remember your first MP3 file? How did you get it? AOL, CD-R, Napster, etc.... #massmentions."
@ourcitylights: mine was senior recreation, I can't remember the song but their EP took up almost half of my mp3 space, lol
@runningboard: Hahah my 1st MP3 was #SMH Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People. surreal hearing a downloaded song,and took 30mins to DL #MassMentions
@melisansserif: "photograph" by weezer. i didn't know how to download music yet so i had my brother get it from napster!
@tumbleweedsshop: From a Cocorosie vinyl that offered free mp3 downloads of the album!!
@emilymayhem: First MP3 (not from a CD) came from iTunes and took 45 minutes to download on my dial-up connection.
@laynemarie: Before Napster, I used those private chat rooms on AOL, where people ran servers for mp3s and warez--remember those?!
@TishChambers: We got some sample songs when we got our first computer, about ten 90's songs, like Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry.
@Buddy_Steve: First MP3? Something from Metallica, via Napster. #1999
@thedeadformat: my first mp3 was "Music" by Eric Sermon and Marvin Gaye on Napster. It took forever to download a song.
@FireworkDeLune: it was a Weezer song for sure. Later, I spent A LOT of time trolling Napster in its hayday for Weezer b-sides and live stuff.
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  1. haha oh Napster... a month or so ago my dad told me, "I heard that you won't be able to download songs online anymore, so make sure all the music you have on Napster is saved!" then I reminded him Napster hasn't been around for YEARS. haha. ;)

  2. oh man, you just reminded me of the first cd i ever burned. my parents bought this labeling kit that came with cd stickers and this round, plastic label...helper?? anyway, I'm pretty sure I had "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on there, as well as "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. Oh! Also U2's "Beautiful Day". I must have been about twelve or so.