Mass Mentions: What video game have you been playing?

This week we asked, "What was the last video game you played? What platform did you play it on? Was it any good? What did you think about it? #massmentions."
@bookoisseur: Duck Hunt. Nintendo in the 80s. I WAS AWESOME. #onlykindofkidding
@ashleyTIA: I "inherited" our old N64 from my parents' basement awhile ago. Popped in Paper Mario - such a classic!
@danielle_jeanne: I played skyrim on xbox. My husband too over, though.
@nattymalik: I played Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3, loved it! It was beautiful.
@jonathanmabe: mass effect 3. Pc. Great game, good ending, sloppy continuity.
@runningboard: Batman Arkham Asylum, PC. it was great but not 10/10 great, felt short, easy? extremely fun fighting mechanics tho, very polished.
@SoFloBoJo: Duck Hunt. Super Nintendo that was older than I was. It was amazing. I wish I could build a time machine and go back. #yeahboy :D
@mandyannecurtis: Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360. It's been excellent so far, but I'm afraid for the ending. #massmentions
@FireworkDeLune: The last game I beat was Portal 2 on PC.. such an incredible game. I'm currently finally getting around to playing Bioshock on PC.
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  1. Uh oh, I missed this, sorry! We've been playing Rayman on the Xbox for the past weeks and its so good!! I've also reignited my childhood addiction to Lemmings on the PSP... oops :)