Mass Mentions: What is your most used camera?

In honor of Issue 2, we asked, "What do you use to take pictures with the most? Phone, point and shoot, DSLR, instant camera, Fuji Instax, SLR, Diana Mini..? #massmentions"
@ourcitylights: canon s95! More than my iPhone surprisingly.

@tumbleweedsshop: Olympus E-410. it goes every where with me.

@forthedistractd: I use film more but I use my phone more than any 1 film camera as its the only digital I use whilst I have a lot of film cameras

@emilymayhem: My iPhone 4S, definitely. I'm doing my P365 with it, successfully so far!

@clussster_blog: iPhone for everyday + instagram // DSLR for fancier things that I'll probably blog about.

@runningboard: hmmmm if my camera phone was better i'd use it more, but i gotta go with my S95 point n shoot, as it sometimes produces DSLR shots

@Marisa_APoL: I use my phone most, for everyday pictures, and my DSLR if I want to get fancy. My favorite is my Instax but the film is pricey!

@isewcute: Mainly a canon dslr...

@ashleyTIA: used to be solely my T1i, but since I upgraded to the 4S I've become a little lazy - the camera quality is awesome

@cdeagle: iPhone 4 -- the camera I always have. However, for blogging I use my Nikon D200.

@fiona_microbe: most: probably my phone. best: DSLR. for fun: film/diana/instax. It definitely depends on what mood I'm in!

@nearsightedowl: I use my interchangeable lens non-DSLR the most! The Nikon 1 J1 takes such pretty photos and it's compact.

@Live_Long_Day: My iPhone for the Instagram feed and my DSLR for 'proper' photos.

@David_Casas: My Droid X is my current point and shoot.

@FireworkDeLune: I have my Galaxy Nexus and Canon SD1400 IS on me at all times!

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