Issue Two: Shoot, Click and See

Issue 2 is out! Gadchick has themed issues, and this issue is photography themed. From digital, to analog to instant, it's all here. We have great women writers and artists who contributed and we're honored to have worked with them. Thank you to all the women who worked on this issue.

You can read it HERE on issuu

If you're reading the magazine on the Newsstand, there's a bit of a manual update to read it. Until we get notifications and automatic updates, this will do for now, but thankfully it's not much of an inconvenience- just the press of two buttons and you're on your way to read Issue 2.

 First, you have to delete the issue. No, not the app! Just the issue.

Then, hit refresh. Yep, that's it. The new one should download in a couple seconds and hooray, read away.

Thanks for the support and we're already working on issue 3!


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