Mass Mentions: What is your most OUTDATED gadget that surprisinglystill works?

This week we asked on Twitter and (our NEW!!) Instagram, "What is your most OUTDATED gadget that surprisingly still works today? #massmentions."
@melisansserif: i found my sony walkman recently and the batteries were still good. yay for books on tape!
@TishChambers: I got my camcorder in 2003 and it's still my baby. <3 Or how about my mom's keyboard (as in piano) that's from about '86? LOL
@thrifteye: my iPhone 3GS :) not that outdated but save for Facetime and Siri, does almost everything the new iPhones do!
@thedeadformat: My outdated gadget http://instagr.am/p/G0TGonCw6L/
@emilymayhem: My 2nd gen iPod Touch, or my 6 megapixel Samsung point and shoot from 5/6 years ago. Both functioning perfectly!
(cont) Or, wait. My iPod Mini still works, though it only lasts about an hour on a full charge.
@Starbelly_ : I did have to buy a new battery, but my iriver h300 (mp3/video player) still works, and is almost 8 years old.
@runningboard: my minidisk player(but battery barely holds a charge) or my mini-hi8 camcorder. Surprised that moving-parts stuff can last so long
@remindsmeofyou: Polaroid SX-70 camera from the 1960s
morganandkim (Instagram): http://instagr.am/p/G0YrLAI7OG
@FireworkDeLune: I recently found an old cassette recorder that I used to use to tape radio shows (I wanted to be a DJ). Still works!
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