Mass Mentions: To cable or not to cable..

We asked our followers this week, "With content providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.. do you think you'll eventually phase out cable/satellite? #massmentions"
@ourcitylights: I hope not. After 10 years, we got rid of Netflix for cable. Totally worth it with our discounted Internet deal.
@lydiarobins: absolutely. no cable here! (just broadcast - and I use a digital antenna when it will work :) )
@tumbleweedsshop: We have netflix, use amazon instant play and still have cable with movie channels. I like having all three!!
@runningboard: i think it would since im not a big tv guy. i think our generation wont completely, but the next will as net speed increases
@iheartsundays: never had cable (waaay too many channels) but would pay for Hulu or Amazon these days, much better.
@Chelsea_Lauren: i already have. and i LOVE tv, but i haven't missed cable one bit!
@_AshleyMoore: Probably not until they start showing live sports events and live news coverage. After all, how else would we watch our hockey?
@fiona_microbe: in the UK there are few providers (i.e. no Hulu) and their coverage is pretty small, so it'd take a while for it to overtake cable
@SoFloBoJo: I already have. My TV is currently a towel rack. That's probably not entirely safe.
@m4ddy: we already did! We pay $20/month for streaming services and never looked back!
@navajas_afuera: When I was unemployed I would watching nothing but Netflix and HBO GO on my phone & forgot about regular TV! There are shows
(cont) you can't find anywhere but cable, so I don't think I would be able to leave cable for a loooooong time!
@lincolnbeard: I heard rumors that AppleTV will offer single channels for purchase. I believe that will be the future.
@maynski: because its a tug-O-war of rights & contracts that both web & satellite providers R plagued w/ there's room 4 both 2 exist
@cdeagle: I've been cable free for well over a year. I don't even miss it. Home Theater PC helps.
@FireworkDeLune: I have a feeling that I may give cable the axe after my next move, but will probably look into purchasing something like Roku.
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