Mass Mentions: Love week edition

It's Valentine's week and we asked our followers, "Couples-What's your fav way to communicate w/ your S.O? Singles-When flirting do you give out/ask for FB, #, Twitter, email... #massmentions."
@ClintMartian: phone #. Then they add/follow.
@hello_vanny: When the boyfriend is at work we talk via direct messages on Twitter! When not working definitely prefer text. :)
@bookoisseur: I hold off on phone number until I'm meeting the person face-to-face. If that's how I meet them, I give my number, nothing else.
@mandyannecurtis@mrcupcakecurtis and I use Google chat during the day, but often text too—even when in the same room!
@CampfireChic: my partner and I are on Meebo all day long so we can chat while on breaks :) #massmentions
@fiona_microbe: I've forced my husband onto twitter so it's not a part of my life he doesn't get...he's still rubbish at using it!
@morganandkim: my fave is at the end of the day when we both make it into bed &we share the best thing that happened that day. no gadgets here -k
@FireworkDeLune: gtalk, then Steam chat, then email, then texting, then actual phone calls
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