Mass Mentions: Have any online friends become IRL friends?

Since our lovely Editor-in-chief and I originally met online, we thought that it would be appropriate to ask on Twitter this week, "Have you met any online friends IRL? Blogger meet ups? Twitter pals? Craigslist missed connections? Xbox live buddies? #massmentions"
@ourcitylights: I met some geeky girl @FireworkDeLune. <3
@chelseabird: Oh YES! One of my dearest friends @phoenixishaute and I met at a coffee shop after exchange emails for months! She's the greatest!
@forthedistractd: I've met a couple of lovely bloggers through my blog and also people through the lomography community as well!
(cont) forgot to say, one of my best friend @alyssatasker I met online, I can't even remember how but I would be lost without her now :)
@CampfireChic: I've met several blog friends IRL within the last year and would love the opportunity to meet more!
@CatherineShu: Since moving to Taiwan in 2007, I've met most of my friends through my blog http://shuflies.blogspot.com!
@emilymayhem: Indeed! I met up with @nattymalik about 2 weeks ago! We met through blogging and Twitter. :D
@mandyannecurtis: I've met a few online friends in real life and they've all been lovely. But there are so many more I'd like to meet! #massmentions
@RolandStLaurent: Yes, no, no, no, and no.
@bookoisseur: I've met a number of my friends online IRL, either me visiting them or them visiting me. I've also made IRL friends online friends
@CaLoynd: my BBF, @Vivianna_loves as well as *many* others! <3
@Buddy_Steve: I've met 4 people through Xbox IRL. 3 of which I still play with. Oh and I made out with one of their friends.
@mattcyborgelt: no names will be mentioned but it involves a french mmorpg
@revoked: yeah, I met @geekgirldiva and her dude. We've hung out a few times since. I think I still owe her a brewery trip.
@Allie_Lee: yes I have!
@styleish: yes I've met blog friends IRL, mostly readers!
@runningboard: aside from the obvious, i have randomly met a few through mutuals. meeting thru mutuals makes it less internetty hah #RealPeople!
@iheartsundays: a few, we met through our love for our favorite band. Lifelong friendships.
@ashleyTIA: DMV bloggers had a meetup after connecting on blogs & twitter. 9 initial girls showed.
(cont) since then we've had other get togethers as a group, & 1v1 friendships have started naturally. :)
@amy_estes: I've met some of my best friends via Twitter/blogs. @andreaki & I started reading one another's blogs, progressed to email & then
(cont) had brunch. Now we chat daily, visit, etc. Locally, I've met a whole group of ladies who brunch & hang out thanks to blogs.
@Marisa_APoL: I met one of my Xbox Live friends in RL about a year ago and we've been best friends ever since!
@FireworkDeLune: well... @ourcitylights ahem. Actually, a few of the most important people in my life have come from online in one way or another:)
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