Gadchick App

We are so excited to finally announce our first app! We are still working on it, we are in the process of working on push notifications when a new issue comes out, and better navigation. For our small budget (um, very small) we did what we could and we're really happy with what we had to work with. There are many tech mags in The Newsstand but with a subscription comes a price. We are going to keep our subscription for free!

Here are some screenshots to let you know what it has;

It has a blog link to our blog. We're working on this to make it mobile but it'll be available for the next update in March.

It has a page to our Twitter, to keep up with updates.

It has easy view of the mag, scrolling up and down rather than side to side.

It has a link to our Apple Store

It has a Facebook and About page, but we hope to add Instagram and any other categories in the future.

If you love it, please rate it, and if you're not crazy about it, we're open to feedback by emailing us.

Keep in mind we're tight on funds, so as soon as we get more advertisers, we'd love to update it! Thank you so much for the support! Download it here.