Mass Mentions: What site redesigns are the worst ever?

Facebook recently announced that it is rolling out Timeline to all users. We have been encountering plenty of moans and groans about this change and were curious about what sites you feel took a turn for the worst with a "new and improved" design. We asked, "FB Timeline is rolling out..some people hate change! What interface revisions from your fav sites have been the WORST for you? #massmentions."
@ourcitylights: twitter
@pieisgone: I just totally hate the new Timeline thing on FB.
@laurenfromtexas: PICNIK!!!! Why are they moving to Google+?!
@iheartsundays: Honestly, I can't think of anything worst than timeline.
@runningboard: i was heart broken when @NeweggHotDeals changed their website. It had growing pains. Oh and i still miss old twitter.
@FireworkDeLune: simply cannot get used to new YouTube!
(cont) and another, Digg (although I'm happy it brought me to Reddit)
@jonathanjmabe: by far, the worst redesign I've seen was the 2011 Google Reader upgrade. The way they switched out sharing for Plus was atrocious.
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