Gadchick Reviews: Fantastique Plastique's Touch Screen Gloves

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Fantastique PlastiqueTouch Screen Gloves from Diana for Christmas. I rang in 2012 in Chicago and really put them to the test! The fingertips boast a conductive material that makes for touch screen capabilities. They certainly do work, but the surface area is rather tiny so accuracy is very important. I am currently using the Moto Droid with slide-out keyboard. Once I "unlocked" my phone it was smooth sailing. If you use a touch screen only phone, it may take a little getting used to. I was travelling with a friend that had North Face ETip gloves and they definitely worked better with the iPhone. However, my gloves were warm, comfy, adorable, compliment grabbing, and got the job done with a fraction of the price! Get them here and support geeky handmade!


  1. they look so cute and such a great price too!

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