A N00b’s Guide to WordPress e-Book Out Now

Changing formats on a blog, or even starting a new blog, is our version of getting a new wardrobe. The closet is a new dashboard, the posts and widgets are new accessories.


M@ss Mentions: What gadget are you hoping to receive this holiday season

It's that time of year when it's hard not to let our imaginations run wild and dream of gifts that we may be receiving during the holiday season! We asked our followers what gadgets they are hoping for this year...
@SilverBackWino: iPad 2 for me!!
@KenzieAmick: I am dying for a White iPhone 4s! I love my iPod and it would be so handy not to carry around my phone AND iPod. :)
@CampfireChic: more like what do I want to organize all my gadgets! More GridIts, please!
@emilymayhem: I would *love* an iPad 2! But I am getting a pair of pink Panasonic headphones that I'm very excited for.
@SoFloBoJo: does a super sweet turntable with all the bells and whistles count as a gadget? :)
@WillowWings190: well, I WAS hoping for the new iPhone but my dad already got it for me. Alas, I asked too late so the phone's arriving next week!
( cont) So no new phone under the tree so I'll just have to imagine the box artived early and is hiding there. :D
@Goobernickel: The Nintendo 3ds and the Playstation Vita. I know I'm not getting one but a girl can dream right?
@marisa84: a Kindle Fire!
@Buddy_Steve: A wireless reciever that uses my Xbox controller on PC would be great. It's familiar and no added controler cost!
@FireworkDeLune: I got my Kindle Fire as an early Christmas gift, but I would love to get a new phone! (Droid 4, not yet released.. boo)
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The Freelance Cookbook is out now

I'm really excited to feature this e-book for Gadchick! I work from home as a freelancer, and I'm constantly asked how I did it, what I do, and how I was able to buy a house sitting in my pj's at home. There really is no secret- it's a lot of hard work the only difference is there is no 9-5. I wish there was a 5pm, because that means I could stop working! Freelancing sometimes entail long and weird hours, but ultimately, we love it and it's freedom from the conventional cubicle.


M@ss Mentions: What is the worst thing that has happened to your phone

When my phone took a nasty spill while I was at a concert this week, I just knew you guys would have some phone horror stories! The original tweet that went out to our followers was, "Woops! Just dropped my phone on concrete :x Tell me your WORST dropped/lost/stolen cell phone story!! #MassMentions" and boy did you deliver!
@ourcitylights: (ed note: at Disneyland!!!) dropped in toilet and fished out @ _ @
@tumbleweedsshop: 4 days after I got my droid incredible 2, I went to take a photo and dropped it face first on the sidewalk and insurance hadn't...
(cont) kicked in yet. The screen was shattered, but we found a new screen online, watched a youtube video and replaced it. :)
@TheNerdyKatie: when I had to chose either dropping my iPhone or box of donuts, I dropped my iPhone.
@runningboard: mine was a close call: long ago, standing over a pool i dropped phone #SloMotionScene, but kicked it aside to safety. #MassMention
@lofidelitylove: on my 3rd phone this year. cracked screens, dips in sinks, lost then found only to be stolen on the same day!
@notmiranda: I was crossing a river with my cell phone in my bra. I bent over to rescue my flipflop (floating downstream) & there went my cell.
(cont) It was the second one I lost to water. We held a funeral for it at the river, complete with the playing of Taps.
@emilymayhem: Not a huge deal, but I always forget it's in my lap in the car, so when I get up, my phone hits the concrete.
@laynemarie: At work, my BlackBerry fell in the toilet before the flush. I reached in & grabbed it w/o hesitation. Then WASHED it in the sink.
(cont) I *had* to wash it. It was already submerged anyway. Then I took the battery out, put it on my car dashboard to dry, & it worked!
@tracyleeeee: the moment my mom is in her car w/phone in her lap, right before she fully stands up to exit vehicle. #reasonsnot2givemomaniphone
@ashleegadd: I lost my cell phone in March at Disneyland on Indiana Jones. I HUGGED the woman who found it. Tightly.
@ahoymiss: When I worked on Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean, a gal dropped her phone in the BlueBayou& GOT IN THE WATER to get it.
@FireworkDeLune: I once fell THROUGH a missing stair while texting. My phone fell and survived, but I still have an ankle scar to prove it.
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The iPhone Photographer is Out Now

We've been working hard at getting up e-books and raising a little money for the magazine. Instead of starting a Kickstarter account like so many friends recommended, we're trying to raise our funds through e-books. You get to buy the book for less than $1 and  support gadchick in the process.

For the iPhone Photographer, we  wanted to research the best camera apps for you and save you the frustration of purchasing and downloading yourself. We've done the hard work, all you have to do is decide if the camera is app is right for you! Here is a little snippet of what the book contains...


Making a mobile-to-TV connection

Retro Vintage Television Orange TV Set

Ask 10 people what they use their cell phones most for, and, although this is a totally arbitrary number that I've just made up off the top of my head, I'm betting at least seven of them will not list "making phone calls" as their No. 1 use. (I’m definitely one of the seven—since getting an iPhone in November 2010, I’ve spent less than 5 days total on actual calls.)


Pregnancy Companion (and no, it's not that cake in your lap)

As a first-time mom, I’ll be the first to admit it: I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve had more pregnant friends than I can count, and watched enough episodes of A Baby Story to embarrass TLC, but none of that compared to the day I peed on a stick and my life changed forever. There was elation, followed by tears, followed by a kiss, followed by complete and utter panic.


M@ss Mentions: What is your favorite app right now

Being that the theme of Issue One was "Going Mobile," we thought that it would be appropriate to ask our Twitter followers, "What is your favorite app and why?" Here is a sample of what Gadchick readers are loving right now!
@WillowWings190: "Games? Tiny Tower & Tiny Village it is! Others? My Kindle & iBooks apps. Can't be w/o my books! (all iOS on my iPad)"
@runningboard: "fav app is Waze: best nav app, compete for points, sorta like 4square, by submitting traffic tips which it uses to calc directions"
@emilymayhem: "I'm loving Pulse, it's a great way to get all my tech news in one place. It's on iOS and Android. I use it several times a day!
@Buddy_Steve: "I'm really liking "Rimshot" app. Mostly because I can make a "womp womp" sound to Xbox kids."
@MarisaChaples: "The Yelp app is one of my favs! Its perfect for finding new places to go when I'm in a new area. It has helped me find great eats!"
@mattcyborgelt: "Audiogalaxy app. I run the client on my server at home and have access to instantly stream songs that won't fit on my phone"
@adollinn: "Loving 'Wreck This App'!"
@FireworkDeLune: "I am loving the flickr app, though I wish I could say Instagram (hint hint.. plz make an android app!!)" EDIT: looks like my wish was granted
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Handmade Geeky Gift Guide

We're back with more gift guides to help you shop for your geeks! This time we took to Etsy and found lots of great ideas!

Stay tuned for more gift guides!


Gadchick Reviews: Think Geek's 8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath

We recently ordered  Think Geek's 8-Bit Wreath to add to our geeky holiday. It's made out of a lightweight foam, much lighter than your traditional wreath, and it requires a 2 AA batteries. There's a built in hole on the back of the wreath to hang on your door, or wall. I wasn't crazy about not having the option to hang it on the inside of the door or window facing out. What if the wind gets it or some punk kids? However the little 1-Up mushroom in a Santa hat makes up for this feature. It also lights up too add to the geeky effect and it's an 8-bit parade on your door. Gadchick loves this wreath so much, each editor purchased their own for their home. Think Geek, once again, makes our love for all things geeky, so much easier.


Issue One

It's been fun posting here on the blog, but our real work and effort have been poured in what our ultimate goal was- gadchick magazine. Thank you for all your support! Click on the cover to read gadchick's first issue.