Gamer Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for some shopping!!
We have created a gift guide to solve your shopping woes for the gamers (or yourself... ahem) on your list!

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1. Nothing makes a PC gamer’s heart race like a new videocard.  This one is intense (FYI, this is a great videocard comparison if you are looking to shop around).
2. I would love to upgrade to a gaming specific keyboard.  This one is well loved by the PC gaming community.
3. Boost your control with a new mouse.
4. Last year, I bought nearly all of my friend’s gifts via Steam.  Find out their username and buy directly from their Wish List, super easy!

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The three hottest, must have multi platform games right now are:
1. Skyrim
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
3. Batman: Arkham City
4. If you have a Wii, you HAVE to play Skyward Sword (keep an eye out for my review!).  This bundle is so amazing, it comes with a gold Motion Plus Wii-mote!!
5. I have been keeping my eye on Kinect prices, as I still need to add one to my collection.  It’s a fun way to get off the couch and a blast to play with your non-gaming friends.
6. Xbox Live gamers will love getting Microsoft Points in their stockings.  They can use it to get extra content and super cool indie games.
7. If I wasn't Zelda crazy, I would be snagging up this pink Nintendogs + Cats 3DS bundle.
We will be posting more gift guides leading up to the holidays,  let us know if there are any specific types of geeks that you are shopping for! We'll do all the research for you!


FinePix Real 3D: The Avatar of Cameras


With the recent advancements in television, cinema and gaming into the third dimension, its no surprise that digital photography is moving into the 3D phenomenon too... and the first to introduce itself to the market is the Fuji FinePix Real 3D W1.

First, a little about the camera - like traditional analogue stereoscope cameras, the Fuji FinePix Real 3D camera has two 10 megapixel lenses that capture two images which overlap to create the 3D image. Unlike past cameras though, the digital 3D camera works with sensors and screens where you can immediately view your photos.

However, as exciting as that all sounds, the real issue with this camera isn't the specification or the quality. Having done some research - the quality of the images seems to be great, which you would expect, the specifications are decent for a handheld camera and the capabilities outside the 3D - including videos and panoramics are intriguing. The premise of a 3D digital camera has potential. But my initial feeling with this product, as with other 3D products is that it is limited - almost gimmicky. You can't view the 3D images outside of the camera or an additional viewer which you have to invest in, the images aren't easily shared and that is the one of the best parts of photography and one reason why cameras on phones are so popular. If you wanted to share your photos from this camera you would have to share the 2D images and that really defeats the point of this camera.

3D technology is being pushed as the future and 'new technology' yet most of the design of this camera is based on old ideas that have been updated to fit new advancements and you wonder if these original ideas create more limitations for modern 3D results than potential as you still have to use certain equipment, whether its red and green 3D glasses or an advanced screen to view the images.

Despite its limitations and my worries, this is a first generation product and I still think that the potential for 3D imaging in a digital capacity is very exciting... with the current results being dynamic and fun, if exclusive to the right equipment. It will be interesting to see if 3D will be more integrated into technology and our everyday lives and if it does, this camera could be the very beginning...


Gadchick Hacks: The Nook is now on Fire

It’s Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire. Who are the winners? Certainly not readers. If you are a Nook fangirl switching to Kindle, then you are out of luck if you expect to transfer books over to Kindle. Nice, huh? There is a way to work around this. Put the Nook App on the Kindle Fire!


gadchick Black Friday Deals

I will be shopping this Black Friday with the comfort of my netbook and pajamas, in bed.  Some of you may be hitting the streets and scoring some of the best deals of all!  No matter how you decide to shop, there are some crazy buys out there this year.

The best of Black Friday Gadget and Gaming deals

gadchick's Unofficial Guide to Siri

Did you know Siri does way more than tell you the weather? There is a reason Apple made a huge deal about Siri, and gadchick found out why. We used Siri at it's best, and tired her (him? it?) out to see what Siri can (and can't) do.  It's a free book on iBooks. Unfortunately, Amazon and Nook does set their own prices and we couldn't go any lower than the 99 cent charge (we wanted it free, as in, free of even the ninety nine cents). Keep your almost dollar and download it if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Here's a small sample of what the free book has...

Grammar...Siri Style

If you learn to utilize Siri, there's a chance you'll never have to use those work those thumbs again.


Gaming with a Manicure

I’ve always liked working as a team. From my early days of school group projects to my college years on staff of the school’s newspaper, I’ve been a sucker for working in a group. It wasn’t because I liked to pass off my responsibilities. I genuinely liked working with others towards one goal and seeing contributions come together. Added bonus: a group of friends to celebrate once your goal has been accomplished. I’m pretty sure this is a large part of why I love online gaming.


gadchick Welcomes you to the Kindle Family (Giveaway Closed)

I remember how exciting November 2007 was for me- I was proposed to by the man of my dreams and the I purchased Amazon’s very first Kindle. It was released a week before and as much as I anticipated my soon to be wedding, I couldn't wait to get my hands (and eyes) on the digital pages. I mean, what did digital pages look like? My mind was filled with imagination of what a Kindle could do. Little did I know this small gadget would change the way millions of people read.