The Freelance Cookbook is out now

I'm really excited to feature this e-book for Gadchick! I work from home as a freelancer, and I'm constantly asked how I did it, what I do, and how I was able to buy a house sitting in my pj's at home. There really is no secret- it's a lot of hard work the only difference is there is no 9-5. I wish there was a 5pm, because that means I could stop working! Freelancing sometimes entail long and weird hours, but ultimately, we love it and it's freedom from the conventional cubicle.

It'a available on ibooks now for under $1.00, and you can read a sample online on Smashwords, no download required. You'll get some tips on taxes, if freelancing is even right for you, and what type of pj's to buy (just kidding), along with a long list of hopefully answered questions. When I began working from home, I wish there was a reference book out there from the voice of Gadchick.

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  1. Just bought my copy, can't wait to dive into it this weekend!