Pregnancy Companion (and no, it's not that cake in your lap)

As a first-time mom, I’ll be the first to admit it: I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve had more pregnant friends than I can count, and watched enough episodes of A Baby Story to embarrass TLC, but none of that compared to the day I peed on a stick and my life changed forever. There was elation, followed by tears, followed by a kiss, followed by complete and utter panic.

I immediately started reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law) and found myself even more overwhelmed by all the information. The problem with that book, and pregnancy books in general, is that they cover EVERY what-if scenario. What if you’re expecting quadruplets? What if you were drunk the first seven weeks of your pregnancy? What if this and what if that.....I just wanted the FACTS. Where were the simple guidelines for a non-complicated first time pregnancy?

Enter: my search for the perfect pregnancy app.

Initially I was going to do a roundup review of my top favorites, but I came across one that I loved so much, it basically blew the others out of the water. Besides, who needs 15 pregnancy apps?

Pregnancy Companion is by far, the most comprehensive pregnancy app I found. In addition to the standard status updates, appointment calendar, and nutrition information, you can find a weight tracker, kick counter, yoga poses, baby names, a list of what drugs are safe to take during pregnancy, and so much more! They even have a glossary with every prenatal concern you can imagine, and what you should do if it occurs. I especially love the weight feature, which allows me to punch in my weight every week and track my weight gain, in both summary and graph formats.

The app has a very “cute” design with cartoon figures and icons—perhaps a little cuter than I would have liked, but a flaw I will easily overlook in exchange for great usability. The app is made up of 13 main features:

Status – See how far along you are, how the baby is developing, and how your body is changing.

Appointments – Keep track of your prenatal appointments and doctor information.

Glossary – Common concerns and advice.

At a Glance – A quick look/recap of milestone weeks in your pregnancy.

Drugs – A list of literally every drug you can imagine taking during your pregnancy, what it’s used for, other names it might go by, and whether or not it’s safe.

Hydration – A reminder to drink 10 glasses of fluid per day with the ability to track how many glasses you’ve consumed.

Nutrition – Information, recipes, and a calorie counter.

Weight – Track weight gain and see how you measure up to the ideal weight gain week by week.

Kick Counter – Keep track of how many discrete movements your baby makes during its most active hour.

Contractions – Track duration and intervals.

Wellness – Safe yoga poses and acupressure points to relieve common symptoms.

Names – Sort by boy/girl/popularity.

Lists – Questions for the doctor, when to call your doctor, what to buy for a newborn, what to pack in your hospital bag, etc.

After trying a number of other pregnancy apps, I can honestly say Pregnancy Companion is the best bang for your buck. Literally. It’s $0.99. If you’re expecting, you can expect to love this app!

Ashlee is an aspiring writer, photographer, and frozen yogurt addict. She's also the Managing Editor for The Violet Online. Follow her Twitter and blog.

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