M@ss Mentions: What is your favorite app right now

Being that the theme of Issue One was "Going Mobile," we thought that it would be appropriate to ask our Twitter followers, "What is your favorite app and why?" Here is a sample of what Gadchick readers are loving right now!
@WillowWings190: "Games? Tiny Tower & Tiny Village it is! Others? My Kindle & iBooks apps. Can't be w/o my books! (all iOS on my iPad)"
@runningboard: "fav app is Waze: best nav app, compete for points, sorta like 4square, by submitting traffic tips which it uses to calc directions"
@emilymayhem: "I'm loving Pulse, it's a great way to get all my tech news in one place. It's on iOS and Android. I use it several times a day!
@Buddy_Steve: "I'm really liking "Rimshot" app. Mostly because I can make a "womp womp" sound to Xbox kids."
@MarisaChaples: "The Yelp app is one of my favs! Its perfect for finding new places to go when I'm in a new area. It has helped me find great eats!"
@mattcyborgelt: "Audiogalaxy app. I run the client on my server at home and have access to instantly stream songs that won't fit on my phone"
@adollinn: "Loving 'Wreck This App'!"
@FireworkDeLune: "I am loving the flickr app, though I wish I could say Instagram (hint hint.. plz make an android app!!)" EDIT: looks like my wish was granted
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