M@ss Mentions: What is the worst thing that has happened to your phone

When my phone took a nasty spill while I was at a concert this week, I just knew you guys would have some phone horror stories! The original tweet that went out to our followers was, "Woops! Just dropped my phone on concrete :x Tell me your WORST dropped/lost/stolen cell phone story!! #MassMentions" and boy did you deliver!
@ourcitylights: (ed note: at Disneyland!!!) dropped in toilet and fished out @ _ @
@tumbleweedsshop: 4 days after I got my droid incredible 2, I went to take a photo and dropped it face first on the sidewalk and insurance hadn't...
(cont) kicked in yet. The screen was shattered, but we found a new screen online, watched a youtube video and replaced it. :)
@TheNerdyKatie: when I had to chose either dropping my iPhone or box of donuts, I dropped my iPhone.
@runningboard: mine was a close call: long ago, standing over a pool i dropped phone #SloMotionScene, but kicked it aside to safety. #MassMention
@lofidelitylove: on my 3rd phone this year. cracked screens, dips in sinks, lost then found only to be stolen on the same day!
@notmiranda: I was crossing a river with my cell phone in my bra. I bent over to rescue my flipflop (floating downstream) & there went my cell.
(cont) It was the second one I lost to water. We held a funeral for it at the river, complete with the playing of Taps.
@emilymayhem: Not a huge deal, but I always forget it's in my lap in the car, so when I get up, my phone hits the concrete.
@laynemarie: At work, my BlackBerry fell in the toilet before the flush. I reached in & grabbed it w/o hesitation. Then WASHED it in the sink.
(cont) I *had* to wash it. It was already submerged anyway. Then I took the battery out, put it on my car dashboard to dry, & it worked!
@tracyleeeee: the moment my mom is in her car w/phone in her lap, right before she fully stands up to exit vehicle. #reasonsnot2givemomaniphone
@ashleegadd: I lost my cell phone in March at Disneyland on Indiana Jones. I HUGGED the woman who found it. Tightly.
@ahoymiss: When I worked on Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean, a gal dropped her phone in the BlueBayou& GOT IN THE WATER to get it.
@FireworkDeLune: I once fell THROUGH a missing stair while texting. My phone fell and survived, but I still have an ankle scar to prove it.
Yikes! Hold onto those phones (especially if you are visiting Disneyland!!). Follow us @Gadchick to find out next week's M@ss Mention question and join in the conversation! Happy #FollowFriday and have a wonderful weekend!

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