gadchick's Unofficial Guide to Siri

Did you know Siri does way more than tell you the weather? There is a reason Apple made a huge deal about Siri, and gadchick found out why. We used Siri at it's best, and tired her (him? it?) out to see what Siri can (and can't) do.  It's a free book on iBooks. Unfortunately, Amazon and Nook does set their own prices and we couldn't go any lower than the 99 cent charge (we wanted it free, as in, free of even the ninety nine cents). Keep your almost dollar and download it if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Here's a small sample of what the free book has...

Grammar...Siri Style

If you learn to utilize Siri, there's a chance you'll never have to use those work those thumbs again.


Say the following commands to add punctuation:

all caps = Make the next word all uppercase

all caps on … all caps off = Make part of what you say uppercase

ampersand = &

apostrophe = ‘

asterisk = *

at sign = @

back slash =

cap = Capitalize the next word

caps on … caps off = Capitalize a section of text

caret = ^

cent sign = ¢

close brace = }

close bracket = ]

close parenthesis = )

comma = ,

copyright sign = ©

dash = -

degree sign = °

dollar sign = $

dot = .

double comma = ,,

ellipsis = …

em dash = —

euro sign = €

exclamation point = !

forward slash = /

frowny face = :-(

greater than sign = >

hyphen = -

inverted exclamation point = ¡

inverted question mark =¿

less than sign = <

new line = Like pressing “Return” on a keyboard

new paragraph = Start a new paragraph

open brace = {

open bracket = [

open parenthesis = (

percent sign = %

period = .

pound sign = #

pound sterling sign = £

question mark = ?

quotation mark = ”

registered sign = ®

section sign = §

smiley face = :-)

space bar = Prevent a hyphen from appearing in a normally hyphenated word

underscore = _

vertical bar = |

winky face = ;-)

yen sign = ¥

So there you have it, you'll probably never have to actually write an email or text again with Siri.

{If you'd like to read more on the book, remember to get it on iBooks for free and not purchase it on Amazon. We'd love to get our name out there, but not at a price.}


  1. Haha, it's insane how there is a product like Siri! I have yet to actually "talk" with her, but hopefully I will some day soon. Seems like you would never be alone or lonely again...

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