Gadchick Hacks: The Nook is now on Fire

It’s Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire. Who are the winners? Certainly not readers. If you are a Nook fangirl switching to Kindle, then you are out of luck if you expect to transfer books over to Kindle. Nice, huh? There is a way to work around this. Put the Nook App on the Kindle Fire!

It’s remarkably easy. While the Kindle Fire can be rooted to do just about anything, most people will not have the time or discipline to learn it. If you really want to root it, then this page from PC World will show you how.

Rooting most likely will void your warranty. What we're about to show you, however, does not.

First things first—go to the upper right corner of your Kindle where the battery level displays; right next to it is the configure button—tap that button and slide your finger down. That brings down your settings menu. Tap on “More…”. Now tap on “Device” and switch “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources” from “Off” to “On.” Finally, hit the “Home” button.

You're now ready to get the Nook app! Open up your Kindle web browser and go to GetJar.com. Search for Nook. Tap “Download”. If this is your first time using GetJar, then it will prompt you to download the GetJar app. Once the GetJar app has downloaded, you’ll see the button showing download is complete in the upper left corner. Tap that, tap the program, and tap install. Search for the Nook app one more time; this time when you download it, it will say “complete action using”—select “GetJar”. You’ll see the app downloading and when it’s finished it will give you the option to install. Tap “Install”. When it’s done, tap “Open”.

The Nook App is now installed on your device and is displayed on your device under “Apps.” Enjoy!

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  1. i bought jer one of these for christmas. kinda of more excited about it! might have to get one myself as a graduation gift!