gadchick Black Friday Deals

I will be shopping this Black Friday with the comfort of my netbook and pajamas, in bed.  Some of you may be hitting the streets and scoring some of the best deals of all!  No matter how you decide to shop, there are some crazy buys out there this year.

The best of Black Friday Gadget and Gaming deals

>> Being a  Harry Potter fangirl, naturally I think it’s amazing that Best Buy will be screening Deathly Hallows Part II to people waiting in line. After you finish the film, you will be greeted by these doorbusters.

>> B & H, every photographer’s favorite spot, is offering $100 instant savings on Canon DSLR's.

>> For online shopping and the greatest selection in tech, you can’t go wrong with Newegg.  Black Friday starts today at 3:00PM!

>>The Gadchicks do a huge chunk of their shopping on Amazon, and Black Friday will be no exception.  There are some deals now and they will continue throughout the week.

>> Apple is stepping it up this year (finally!) with some killer discounts.  If you’re in the market for a new Mac, now is the time to strike at $101 off.

>> PC gamers, you’re in luck!  Steam has started their Thanksgiving sale and (as usual) they do not disappoint!  I picked up 3 games already today and you know that the rest of the week will prove just as fruitful.

>> Target has fantastic doorbuster deals on TVs.

>> Snag a 250GB Xbox360 right now at Sam’s Club.

>> GameStop is slashing prices big time on both new and used games

>> Barnes & Noble will be selling the Nook Simple Touch in-store for $79 and online for $99.

>> Slickdeals has a treasure trove of tech related discounts.

>> Can't get enough Black Friday Deals or haven't found what you're looking for? Click here for up to the minute Black Friday start time information.

>> As for me, I will be scouring the net trying to get my hands on a Zelda 3DS bundle. Wish me luck!

Gadchick will return on Monday. We wish our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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